Road to Victory - Part 4

Tomorrow's the big game!

So, the roads are all but done. My stencil arrived today and tbh I spent a lot of time trying to make it work and I'm still not really happy with the results. In the end I went with just the yellow lines because each time I attempted the central divide it all went horribly wrong and I had to respray and rehighlight. 

There are a few things I'm going to add tonight. Specifically I want to add Realistic Water to the craters to turn them into puddles. I want to add a few bits of newspaper here and there to go with the trash and I'll probably add some actual leaf scatter to the debris build up at the side of the road. However, the boards are basically finished. Here they are in detail, obviously the lampposts are missing but they are done and will be added for the game tomorrow. 

Let me know what you think in the comments below. 

The Duke


  1. Looking good, quite colourful with these yellow Lines.
    I'm not sure a central line would improve the board.
    The puddles sound like a great addition though, remnants perhaps of past clashes between superheros.

    1. Thanks Wouter. T-minus 2 hours and counting!


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