Road to Victory - Part 3

Work has progressed on the streets. 

With everything base-coated it was time to start planning my set up. I wanted to get the Harmonic Theatre to the table and I knew I wanted that to be the major feature of the build, so I designed around that. 

I also knew I wanted it to be a tight map, so a 2x2 made sense. I placed the Harmonic in one corner and decided to have roads as the other three boards, this meant I would need two straights and a corner. 

As you can see in my rough plan my design called for six street lights, three sets of railings, two sets of jersey barriers and a selection of other street furniture. My original plan with the street lamps was always to magnetise them to the boards, while I went with pegs for the railings.

A few minutes with my DeWalt and the holes were drilled. I recessed the magnets deep enough to allow for the other magnet, attached to the bottom of the lamppost to be hidden inside the board. 

The posts themselves still need work, I'm trying to achieve that mottled look of lampposts in the UK but I haven't quite got the grey right yet. 

With the boards drilled and magnetised it was time to add some paint. First I mixed Black and Dark Tone and filled in all the cracks, wiping away the excess with my finger. Then using Strong Tone and Typhus Corrosion I added some age to the flagstones. Next using a sponge I added a layer of mid grey, light grey and then finally a very dark grey until I was happy. 

Finally I added trash scatter, leaving the road area free of litter until I have added the highlights and road markings. 

I have a stencil on the way from The Troll Trader to help with the lines on the road which should come tomorrow. I'm hoping everything will be finished by Saturday in time for the game but I'm beginning to feel I'm cutting it fine!

Until next time, have fun gaming!

The Duke


  1. That looks once more amazing!
    The little details make the boards look that much better. I look forward to see the finished result.


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