Big Damn Heroes – Pulp City

It's been a while since I posted the Pulp City Villains so I thought it was about time the Heroes stepped up to stop them.


An abandoned alley, the perfect site for an ambush.


Tekkna holds back  to offer her much needed support, without getting caught in the crossfire.

While Ace and Wildman push on seeking Nuke and his good-for-nothing goons.

As well as the heroes you can see my newly painted Jersey Barriers from Fenris Games, and if I had positioned the camera better you might have been able to see my newly made trash bags. So here's a shot of them hanging out underneath the Harmonic Theatre fire escape instead/

I'm hoping that Pulp City will be hitting the table again in a few weeks time so you can expect to see some more terrain updates soon and hopefully some in game pics. 

Until next time, have fun gaming!

The Duke


  1. Some beautiful pictures, nice work with the camera.
    My only point of critique being the almost immaculate state of the street itself, while the many scenery pieces look properly worn 😊.

    1. At this point my printed streets are just a placeholder, new streets are coming, hopefully in the next two weeks.

  2. Very nice work. I love your jersey barriers. I have some mdf barriers to paint up a bit more than the base colour i've given them I shall have to try and emulate some of the damage.

    1. Those Fenris barriers are great, all I really did was a base and two layers of drybrushing. I drybrushed diagonally in both directions so they have a crosshatch effect. Then I just added small amounts of black wash in some of the cracks and wiped away the excess with my finger. The rust effect is rust powder (Forgeworld pigments Aged Rust) mixed with a little water and painted in streaks.

      I might grime some of them up a bit further but they are really good sculpts so required very little to bring them to life.


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