Just a Quick Update

Things are progressing nicely at The Blood Keep but finding time to get photographs taken has been tricky. To that end I have set up a Facebook page, allowing me to post quick WIP updates from my phone. Don't worry, if you don't use Facebook I'll still be posting full updates and tutorials here too.

So, what have I been up to? Well July was a busy month for me, clocking up a whopping 41 miniatures. 11 were from Imperial Assault, painted for Leonardofury's Birthday. There were the four turtles from the last update and the rest were from Otherworld.

I have a very geeky spreadsheet where I log my painting for specific manufacturers. According to that spreadsheet I own 401 Otherworld miniatures. My aim for July was to bring the total painted to 301, leaving just a mere hundred to go. Success was mine and hopefully over the next few weeks I can get some of the pictures up. I'm also considering finding the time to put together a shot of all 301 if people would be interested in seeing that!

So, that's it for now, I just wanted to update you guys and let you know about the FB page and my current projects.

All the best,

The Duke

P.s. Here's a sneak peek at my completed Cockatrices...


  1. Cockatrices look great. :)

    And you are not alone in spread sheet tracking you productivity....

  2. Now you have done it. I can look up how many I have unpainted, but no idea how many painted other world i have


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