What a Pile of Rubbish

Okay, after much more work than I anticipated I present some prototypes of my litter scatter. 

I ran into many many problems with this project. PVA (or at least my PVA) did not stick to the evergreen strip stock I used to make the cans, meaning that the paper peeled away as I cut. Also, either my knife is blunt or that stuff is really tough but it was a slog! 

The Pizza boxes proved a little easier to cut but still the pva proved to be a problem, providing a lack of adhesion and also dampening the paper causing it to tear on the edges rather than cut. 

However, despite all the work I think I like the results, it's not as perfect as I wanted but I think it reads well in the photos and hopefully in game. 

I also did a little more work on the theatre today, adding some signage to the front doors (no pics unfortunately) and making a start on the rooftop den. 

Obviously the chair needs a little detailing but I think it turned out okay, especially as it only took me about 20 minutes. I plan on adding plenty of scatter and maybe a big umbrella to really bring this little scene to life. 

Well, that's about it for today, I have much glue to wash off my fingers! Until next time, keep on painting, 

The Duke 


  1. Definitely worth the effort, they look wonderful! The art work for the boxes and cans is just superb, it really does the trick; did yo just re-size stock images? The den is come along nicely too, for some reason some reason, I started to imagine a potted palm and a pink flamingo up there!

    1. Dont know about the flamingo but maybe a pot plant. The images were all just google results for pizza and cans printed in 1200dpi so you can still make out the writing even though cans are only 5mm high. Once i refine the method i'll post it and add a link to the files and materials used.

  2. Superb. Your trash is treasure.

    Domino's & Duff. The breakfast of champions.

    1. You spotted the duff, well done sir, 10 bonus points for you. Next on the list is crisp packets and candy wrappers. I also need popcorn boxes for the movie theater and of course bin bags.


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