Building Bridges - Part 6

It's time to revisit some old stuff. As summer rolls around again I find myself with enough free time to work on some of my bigger projects that just have to be shelved for most of the year. Today I went back to working on the bridges. 

I decided that I wanted to try and weather the box girder bridges a lot more than the arches because I had already weathered the metal work. Here were the results. 

Sorry for the picture quality, my window at work faces the afternoon sun. Hopefully you can see the detail here though. It's a mix of weathered bricks, being the paler bricks you can see, mixed with new bricks where the mortar is still fresh and clean around the bridge itself, as if it had been recently repaired. 

I also finally got around to adding the magnetic strips to the advertising boards. Unfortunately they refuse to line up nicely meaning there is a little strip of rubber steel either at the top or bottom regardless of how hard I try to mask it. 

I'll be adding some signage (max height etc) to the bridge tomorrow and reworking the tops to match the bottoms (the tops were painted about 10 months ago and now need some weathering too). However, other than that I think this one is done. I'm very happy with the way it turned out, I'm particularly happy with the textures where the new bricks look nice and smooth compared to the pitted older bricks. 

Let me know what you guys think in the comments below. Until next time, keep on painting!

The Duke


  1. Love the different brickwork and the fresh mortar, really clever.

  2. Again I'm in awe of your creativity.
    Very nicely done, the brickwork is genius.

    1. Too kind Wouter, I am very happy with them.


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