Workbench - 27/05/16

It's done! I'm finished!

Well, that's not quite true but I'm not going to be posting any more updates on the cinema. As of now the kit is complete, the only things remaining are the small additional details I want to add. But before I talk about those, let's have a picture of the roof, the final component of this epic build!

(Click picture for less fuzzy version)

There it is in all it's roofy-goodness. Detailing took about 2 hours this morning with a mixture of sponging on layers of paint to build up texture and dabbing on washes to create tonal changes. I also spent at least half an hour just painting in all the individual cracks and gaps between the flags. 

The roof hatch is mostly done with Light Rust Powder and Typhus Corrosion over a silver basecoat.

Now lets talk, "Other Details". Here's what is on the list.

A Rooftop Den where the projectionist hangs out, this will feature a deck chair and umbrella. There will be a poster on the wall, a six pack of beer cans, empty pizza boxes and a stack of comic books.

Security Camera over the Fire Exit. If anyone knows of any good 28mm security cameras let me know!

Ropeline on the pavement. This requires me to have a pavement to put it on (more on that in a future update) but I intend to build a ropeline, not sure what from yet, to give the entrance a little more gravitas. 

Signage. I need some more signage on the windows, like showtimes and perhaps an open/closed sign.

 Litter. The roof, awning and pavement all need some more rubbish and leaf scatter to bring this model to life. Soon I'll start work on my litter scatter and probably post lots of pictures!

Lights. I'm still undecided on whether or not to add LEDs I'll see how much time my boss had to help me out with it over the summer (He is the king of LED!)

And I think that's it. It's been a lot of effort but hopefully once I see it on the table it will all have been worth it!

Until next time...

The Duke


  1. A fabulous final instalment, I thoroughly enjoyed this build and it has been truly inspirational. Looking forward to the litter updates.

  2. These sound like some great and fun additions.

  3. Epic build. Epic result. You have outdone yourself.

  4. Fabulous work, Chris! :D



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