Workbench - 26/05/16

Today was a quiet day in the office so I took the opportunity to do some painting and I think that the facade is all but finished!

There was a lot of small details to get finished here. First up was the awning itself. 

Now, a while ago, I came up with the idea of cutting out the "Now Showing" panels and replacing them with acetate versions which would then be lit from the inside, however on closer inspection that seems like it wont work. However I don't think I have the freehand skills or the patience, quite frankly, to paint film names and times onto the boards. I think such an exercise would drive me crazy!

I also finished the column tops and added the poster boards to the side of the theatre. I toyed with the idea of using magnets so I could change the posters but I decided that way madness lies, so instead I chose some fan posters from some of my favourite films and franchises. 

I also added some perspex to the doors to create windows, giving it a gentle dusting with some grey spray paint before attaching it to give it some life and grime. 

And so after a full day of working on this beast I am finally sick of looking at it. Every time I do I see small areas I want to improve on or correct! At a certain point I need to learn to say that it's finished! Just the roof to go!

Hope you like!

The Duke


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