Workbench - 24/05/16

Signage is complete. A little later than promised but here is the finished article. 

And actually the whole project is a lot closer to completion than I thought it was. Still have plenty of little details I want to work on (like the rooftop den and the ropeline barriers) but the major work is nearly finished, just the front of the awning and the roof to go.

Here's a close up of the sign. 

And now for the dishevelled side. I don't know if I'm totally sold on it yet so I'm happy to hear what you guys think. 

And here is a shot of it in context with the more roughed up side of the theatre. 

Comments and questions below :)

Thanks guys, 

The Duke


  1. I think the red needs to be brighter, I don't think they look much like Neon lights now. Perhaps with a fluorescent paint.
    As a whole it looks great though.

    1. Thanks Wouter, I'll take another pass at them, see if i can't make them pop more.

  2. It is all looking great, I suppose the big question is are the letters in the signage supposed to be illuminated? If so then perhaps they need a glow to there edge?

    1. Yes, they are supposed to be illuminated but I suspect what they actually require is a lighter centre. I'll try it out on the missing A and see how it looks.

  3. My only comment: looks magnificent!

  4. Looks great, Chris.

    Wouter's on to something, I think. A little fluorescent orange in the mix might do the trick.


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