Workbench - 17/05/16

Very small amount of progress got done today on the theatre. It's the middle of production week here so that means long hours and very little down time but here's what I got done!

As you can see it's the sign for the theatre. I've still got the other side to do and the top which is probably more work than it first seems. Finally I need to add the lettering. There is space for upto 8 characters so any suggestions on names, let me know. 

Until next time...

The Duke


  1. Good to see some more progress, as for the name how about 'Rosebud'?

  2. The Hercules, after the effort it's going to take you to get this finished!

  3. "Biograph". Where John Dillinger met his end.

  4. The theatre will look excellent when finished, of that I am sure. :)


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