Workbench – 06/04/16

So today I logged around 3 hours of painting but I feel like I have very little progress to show for it.


What have I done? Well, I’ve started adding texture to the large flat areas. Much of this I’ll wash back to be less noticeable in the finished product but I felt like it needed some texture to break up the flat colour and give the model some depth. I’ve done this to both the blue and cream areas although it may not be noticeable.

IMG_20160406_172114 (2)_thumb

I’ve also added some texture to the grates and the pillar tops. The pillar tops need a little wash and a highlight around the cracks but they are essentially done.
Finally I’ve done a fair amount of detail work around the doors. Here is a before shot:


And an after shot, hopefully you can spot the difference. I still need to do some work on the doors. Fine lining the detail as a minimum, probably a lot more. I’m considering adding some LED lighting to the model to allow some visibility through the doors, at the moment it’s a little too dark for my liking.


Let me know what you guys think.
Keep on painting,
The Duke


  1. Great stuff, I am learning so much from this set of posts, simple things like adding depth by texture had completely passed me by. Very keen to see how you approach LEDs.

    1. Thanks Michael, things in real life are rarely uniform in colour, different coats of paint, weathering, even light causes variation in colour.

  2. Super work, Chris. You're definitely in the zone with this project.

    Easy for me to say, but an old fashioned movie-house practically cries out for some lighting.

    1. Easy for you to say indeed! I'm hoping to convince my boss that he wants to help me with the electronics!


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