Workbench - 30/03/16

More bricks, plus concrete and tiles as the work continues on the old movie theatre. 

With the third side complete that is the bricks all but finished. Unfortunately the front of the theatre is the most detailed part so there is still a long way to go. 

I also managed to get the concrete slabs under the fire escape done. I'm sure I'll add more details like litter and leaves but for now I think they work well. 

I also spent far too long working on the tiles for the entrance. They are still wet so ignore the sheen, although I suspect I'll probably go for a coat of gloss varnish once I'm happy with them. 

I also sprayed the inside of the walls dark brown as I plan on having perspex in the doors and windows at the front of the theatre so I wanted to have the inside be as dark as possible. I plan on laying carpet (read printing) on the ground floor to give the place an authentic feel. 

Right, I'm signing off and going home to cook my tea. Night all!

The Duke


  1. Gorgeous work, Chris, and I think that the signs turned out fabulously as well!

    Are you using this for a game, or a contest, or just to try your hand at working on buildings, etc.?


    1. Thanks Allan, I'm painting it for a game of Pulp City but I guess I'm mostly doing it because I want to and I'm enjoying trying out new ways of working etc.


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