Workbench - 24/03/16

Work continues. I'm still a little frustrated that I can't get things quite how I want them and some lazy washes today mean I might need to repaint some of the rebrick work next time to hide brush strokes. However I've made some progress. The wall I've been working on is mostly done along with the front pillars. 

The other walls are base coated, washed and stippled ready for the detailing stage. I've also added in the ground floor door and the missing railing from the fire escape. 

Finally I started work on the roof. I've added some texture and I plan to shade the cracks with a fineliner. Details like the access hatch still need picking out and maybe I'll drybrush in some more grey but so far I'm not unhappy. I need to add a lot of detritus to the roof, piles of leaves maybe that have built up in the corners, discarded cans and bottles. Maybe even a deck chair that the projectionist uses to goof off and hide out where no one can find him. 

Well, that's as far as I'm getting before Easter, see you all on the other side. 

The Duke


  1. Looking very good Chris. :)

    I know another commentator was unsure of the green, but I am pretty sure I have seen numerous examples of that type of colour on old metalwork, so thinks it works really well. :)

    1. Thanks Leon. I felt it clashed a little against the red before the weathering but I think it works well now. It's definitely supposed to look sun bleached.


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