Workbench - 22/03/16

Work continues on the movie theatre. 

Today has mostly been focused on the brick work and after about 4 hours of work I'm still not entirely happy. I think the red bricks look great, which is infuriating given that all I did was apply a wash over the spray paint coat. The pale bricks still need work, at the very least they need some more weathering to bring them in-line with the staircase. I really like the door however and the green is really growing on me. I plan on adding a staff only type sign to the door and maybe some ripped posters or graffiti to the walls. I'll definitely be adding more trash and detritus, I like the idea of discarded popcorn containers and movie stubs. 

Right, that's it, hopefully I get a little further tomorrow and then its the long Easter weekend. 

Happy painting

The Duke


  1. This looks wonderful, Chris! Standouts: the brick work, the grate behind the stairs at the foundation, and the rusting/weathering. If you really want to max out on the rust, you might chip away at some of the infrastructure, including the slots of the stairs, perhaps. That could go too far, and would require more repainting, so it may not be worth it.

    Before I read the posts, I thought that you were doing a bank, not a theatre, so I'd definitely wreck up the bricks more---perhaps some chipped/loose/broken bricks, as well as the graffiti you mentioned will help to de-bank it, so to speak ;)


    1. Thanks Allen. Don't think I have the tools to physically weather the bricks. Considered using our Dremel but we didn't have a small enough bit. Might add some loose brick scatter.


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