Workbench 21/03/16

So today I've been working on my Fire Escape for the Movie Theatre.

The process here was fairly similar to other weathering projects I've done recently. I started with a basecoat of black, which was then dusted with layers of orange and grey to create an undercoat. 

The whole thing was then very heavily salted before being sprayed grey to seal in the salt. That part didn't work so well. To add the top coat I needed to use a brush as I didn't have the correct colour spray, however brushing the model just knocked off the salt. So I ended up dabbing the paint on with my large brush. 

Once that was dry I knocked away the salt and used a knife to clear out all the holes in the steps which had become saturated with grains. Finally I added some more rust using pigment powders and some oil and grime using typhus corrosion. I gave the whole model a drybrush with a lighter green highlight and I was done. The whole thing probably took two to three hours but I think I'm fairly happy with it. 

Let me know what you guys think in the comments below. I'll be doing more work on the movie theatre over the easter holidays with the hopes of using it as a centerpiece in an upcoming Pulp City game. 

Until next time... 

The Duke


  1. I'm not convinced on the Green, otherwise the effect looks good.

    1. Thanks Dave. I'm aiming for a sun bleached colour. The idea is that the fascia of the building will be fairly well kept but the back will be failing into disrepair. This staircase was first painted back in the 50's and hasn't seen much love since.


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