Taking Out The Trash

The bins are finished!


Overall I’m very happy with the finished effect and once I add some bin bags and scatter I think these will look excellent.


As for the minis, these are the villain from my Pulp City starter sets, Nuke, Aurelius and Anansi. They all turned out pretty well. My main gripe is the bases which frosted over after i hit the minis with a coat of Dullcoat to protect them.


I’ll probaby rebase them in the future.


So thats it for this update, let me know what you think. The Easter Holidays are coming up so I have big plans to tackle some of my outstanding terrain projects and maybe even have a game or two!

Until Next Time…

The Duke


  1. Really nice work on the Villains and the bins. :)

    Excellent stuff. :)

  2. These are looking great, both the villains and the bins. I like the extra details and weathering you added to the bins. Good job!

    1. Yep, just the addition of the newspaper makes the scene feel more lived in. Have lots more ideas for scatter items like cans and pizza boxes. I just need to not get distracted!

  3. Superb! Dam villains mooching in the bins upto no good as always!


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