Workbench 23/02/16

Weathering complete! 

So, the containers are almost done. Firstly I added Blue Tone to the recesses and used a sponge to spread any overspill in to a thin glaze. Once the wash was dry I added some patches of Typhus Corrosion mostly around the doors and hinges. 

After that I added a coat of Aged Rust powder mostly around the base of the containers, being careful to accent the original aging rather than obliterate it. I highlighted that with a coat of Light Rust focusing mostly around the indentations and the corners of the model. 

Finally I sponged on a coat of Strong Tone to dull down the blue/rust as I felt both were a little on the bright side. With that done all that remains is a coat of matt varnish and to add the handles to the doors (I need to buy some cocktail sticks to do that though.)

Right, time to sign off, Night All!

The Duke


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