Workbench 19/02/16

So just a small update on the things I've been working on this last month. 

First up is Imperial Assault, in an attempt to clear some of the plastic off my to do list and actually complete a project I started a year ago, I've been painting up the remaining minis from the base set.

trandoshan hunters

E-Web Engineers

Obviously these are painted to my board game standard and the lighting is horrible but you get the idea. 


The other project I'm working on are some shipping containers for my Pulp City tables. 

Shipping Containers

Here they are mid paint. They were undercoated with black/silver/orange to create a base for the rust. Then they were salted before being sprayed grey and then salted again. Next they will be sprayed blue so when I chip away the salt you get patches of the grey undercoat showing through and other patches of rust. Hopefully it'll work! 

The containers are a kit available from David over at Iron Mammoth's Studio.

Until next time, keep on painting...

The Duke 


  1. Looks great, Chris.

    Intrigued by the salt technique. Eager to see how it turns out.

  2. Thanks Finch. I've used the salt technique before but not with multiple coats.


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