A Tiny Update

After many hours of tearing my hair out trying to get Windows Live Writer to authenticate I finally discover Open Live Writer and all is well with the world.


So without further ado let's get to the meat of this update. Here is Tiny and Grimmbiote in all their glory.


Tiny was really an exercise in blending, with all that skin I knew I needed to work hard on producing a believable shift in colour. Most of this was achieved using a mix of drybrushing and washes. I started out with my usual off-white base colour and then washed with a red glaze.


This produced those beautiful pink tones on the fingers and in the recesses. This was followed up with repeated drybrushing of lighter and lighter tones. This left behind a few bristles as you might be able to see. Purple washes were added around the eyes and bleached bone highlights were used to pick out the top edges of the nose, lips etc.


The darker skin was drybrushed on using thin coats of Thornwood Green. The joins between the light flesh and the dark were completed using a feathering technique that all but ruined the point on my brush.


One detail I’m particularly happy with are the nails. The blend was achived by mixing the paint with the varnish and quickly wet blending the colours together before the coat could completely dry.


Grimmbiote on the other hand was a simple paint job, several coats of grey drybrushed in increasingly lighter shades then washed over with black. the tongue was the area that took the most work with five of six layers of dots and washes to try and add some real texture to the piece.


And to finish off a nice shot of some of my completed terrain. The magnets on the poster are a little out of alignment but other than that i’m really happy with all of the details!

Let me know what you think and throw any questions you might have in the comments below.

Thanks for reading and until next time, keep on painting!

The Duke


  1. A magnificent job you did on Tiny.
    The skin looks dirty and leathery like it should, but you managed to draw the attention to his eyes with the subtle purple colour.
    Your terrain looks ace too!

  2. Both Grimm look excellent, and as Wouter says, the purple gives a nice contrast around the eyes. Great stuff. :)

  3. Bristles? Look like healed-over scars to me.

    Terrific job, Chris. Great choice of colors and use of the red/purple washes.

    The nails did turn out especially well. Looks like you hit them with some gloss varnish to finish?

    1. Thanks Finch. Scars, that's a nice way to look at it. The nails were painted by mixing the paint with gloss varnish going from a chocolate brown to bone. A final top coat of gloss was added for extra shine.


  4. Fantastic Chris. Very nice work on them both!

  5. Absolutely tremendous! Love the little touches like the toenails - wonderful work Sir.

    1. It's the little things that make all the difference in my opinion. Thanks Michael :)


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