Workbench 2/12/15

I'm not getting enough done lately so I decided to start using my lunch hour to get some modelling done. Here's what I managed today...


Subway Entrance

 I'm planning on adding a hinge to the dumpsters to make the lids open. The subway entrance is still made of separate pieces right now to make painting easier. I haven't decided on a colour scheme for it yet. The dumpsters will be yellow with some rust and scuffs similar to the work I did on the bridges.

All of these pieces are from Knights of Dice, a nice little Australian company and the kits are great (even is the import taxes aren't) Although the kits don't ship with assembly instructions which is a little unhelpful. Still, really happy with them and can't wait to put more together and slap on some paint! 

Until next time, keep on painting!

The Duke


  1. The KoD stuff does look really nice. Only the customs issue has stopped me buying so far. I am hoping they partner with a UK company soon. :)

    1. Yeah HMC&R sucks but as KOD had a free shipping preorder I figured I'd save as much in shipping as I spent in tax. They are in talks with UK distributors though so hopefully they'll reach our shores eventually. My bet would be Warlord and Wayland Games as stockists.

  2. Looking good, Chris. There's a lot to catch the eye on the subway entrance, in particular.


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