Building Bridges – Day 5

Progress slowed today to an inevitable stop as I had to start getting ready for the students return next week.

Last night I started work on the scrapyard brick wall but the paint wouldn't stick. I don't know if its the spray paint or the coat of army painter dip or a combination of the two but I had to spray the whole thing with a layer of dull coat before I could continue. By the time that had dried I just had time to wash the walls with some soft tone before bed. IMG_20150821_162833

I did however manage to get the facade for the shop finished. I’m thinking of using magnets to attach the signs to both of these to make them interchangeable.

Other than that all I managed to get done was spray paint the end caps for the arches and cut up the next batch of billboard posters.IMG_20150821_094929

With the new safe margins and full bleed areas they work much better than the first batch. What a colourful place the city will be! Hopefully over the weekend I’ll get a chance to cut up some magnet strips and play about with attaching these.

Until then, have fun gaming and check out my Weathered Wood tutorial.

The Duke