Building Bridges – Day 1

So, its been a little while since I posted which is partly due to my move, lack of time and good photography space but I’ve also been taking it easy, painting-wise. My current focus is on Pulp City, with close to 200 miniatures to paint (and another Kickstarter gearing up to start soon), I’m currently 29 done 164 remaining (some of which are duplicates).

However I decided my minis need somewhere to battle over, so I figured it was time to start work on a Modern Table. I already have a series of ground tiles with various road layouts set up, so I decided it was time to start building up, so here is my latest purchase from Sarissa Precision.


So that’s four railway arches and two box girder bridges each with a different insert to allow for some serious modular gaming. Now that little lot did set me back a fair amount, £150 to be precise but it is 6ft worth of buildings! I however didn’t realise it was that big until I was telling a friend about my purchase, I was thinking each arch would fill half of my 1ft boards. Ooops!

So, today I set about assembling the arches. The first one took me an hour and was incredibly fiddly at some stages but finally it looked like this!


Now, I assembled this with super glue but because the terrain is made of mdf the glue was absorbed quickly and the bond isn't that great. So I switched it up for the next one and used wood glue instead. The results were much improved and I got the build time down to just over half an hour. I’ll probably reglue the first one tomorrow!


After that I took a break and decided to look at assembling at least part of the Cafe/Shop insert. This went together fairly easily, but I’ve left the greyboard and shop front separate to make painting easier and because I want to add some acetate to the windows after painting.


By the end of the day, I had managed to put together 4 arches in total in just over three hours. Not bad for a days work. I should point out right now that I’ve worked really hard over the summer and gotten all my jobs done early so I’m using this week to build terrain at my bosses suggestion! IMG_20150817_171431

So there we have it, four completed arches with two box girder bridges to go. Tomorrow my paints will arrive. Check back in tomorrow to see how I get on.

There will be daily updates this week for those interested so check back everyday and let me know what you think of my progress.

The Duke


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    1. Thanks man. I've reglued the superglue one for strength and stability and built what I'm calling a spraypaint spindle. Now if I can just get the students to leave me alone I might make some progress!

  2. Excellent start, something I need to do for supers and zombie fun

    1. Thanks man. I'll probably use some preprinted terrain too to bulk this out, the new prototypes from Battlesystems are looking particularly promising.


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