Workbench 02/03/15

Hey guys, not done a workbench update in a while, thought I'd share some of the projects I've been working on over the last two weeks. First up, how I learnt to despise painting wood grain... It started off innocently enough with these benches from Sarissa Precision...
But then things got silly...
This is the base for a bandstand and in total the grain alone must have taken me at least 3 hours. I'll take some pictures of the finished version but it does look amazing, I would use the words "worth it" but my back hurts too much right now! Also this month, Pulp City finally delivered, hence the batch of new terrain. So I've been working my way through nearly two hundred new miniatures. Here is a shot of the 6 starter minis, close ups to follow at a later date.
Oh and this is the size of the package that arrived...
Right that's about all for this update but I'll be posting more soon. Until then, have fun painting guys! The Duke


  1. That woodgrain does amazing. A little back pain is a small price to pay ;)


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