Helping Hand Challenge – Part 11

The City Watch pursued the warband out into the Wilderness.


I took things pretty easy this month. With the scheme already decided by last months miniature it was simply a case of copying what I’d already done.


Besides the obvious red cloak the two models share metal and wood tones too. I really like the light wood colour for the spear and the nice contrast with the boltgun silver.


And of course this model has a shield so I got to practice painting more wood grain. I was very happy with the cloak fold highlights this time around. I considered painting a gemstone effect on the centre of the shield but it would be too flashy for the town guard so I went with plain metal.

Overall, I’m really happy with him and the group is really working well together.


Dont forget to check out Finch and Antmaster’s versions over on their blogs and check back next month for the final entry in the challenge!

Until next time, have fun painting

The Duke


  1. Well done, Chris. They do look good together.

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