Helping Hand Challenge - Part 7

“What’s that Noise?”PC311134

Having retrieved the Pack Bearers from the alternative universe the Squire sets them to work cleaning up the campsite. However they quickly realise they are not alone!


The smell of the Fighter’s sugar butties has drawn a swarm of Giant Ants, intent on devouring the adventures' stores and anything that gets in their way!


I enjoyed painting the Squire this month. A simple miniature that has set up the paint scheme for the other mercenaries in the set. I decided that he would be less a fighter and more of an administrative figure so his skin is very pink, to indicate he has plenty to eat and drink and spends much of his time indoors.


The ant were done several months ago and I absolutely love them. They are orangier in real life than these pictures show. They are great miniatures though.PC311138

I’m considering picking up a full swarm and converting half of them to be flying ants as I think that would make a great encounter!


Well that’s it for another month, I hope you all had a good Christmas and a great New Year. Don't forget to check out Finch and Antmaster’s finished Squires too!

Until next time, have fun gaming

The Duke


  1. Excellent as usual, I love the ants too but they were a major pain to construct. Have an fantastic new year

  2. Thanks man, it's was a while ago when I constructed mine so I've probably blocked it out! However, after my carrion crawler nothing really phases me anymore!


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