Helping Hand Challenge–Part 6

“We’ve got a lot of explaining to do”


The Pack Bearer’s awaken to find themselves in a two dimensional flat world populated by giant monsters constructed from wood and the heroes are nowhere to be seen!


This months challenge was to paint the pack bearers and I’m very happy with how they turned out. PB301126

The first pack bearer was probably painted almost a year ago and he was originally going to represent Siegfried, a farmhand-turned-hero in a story I was telling through the Otherworld Forum. This is actually why he doesn't have his backpack on because I want to take a photo of him working the farm before he sets off on his first adventure. But his pack can be found here, along with the adventurers stores I also painted this month.


The second pack bearer I decided to paint as an older man, with bulging eyes and a five o’clock shadow and the two pair off nicely against each other.


The pack itself is actually quite complicated and took almost as long as the mini itself to paint.


But in the end the effort is rewarded as there is a high level of detail to be achieved. PB301132

The only slightly disappointing thing is that both packs are identical. One of my favourite things with this particular paint job though is the weathering on his tool, I think it turned out very well.

Some observant people will also notice I finished painting the Adventurer’s Camp Site too this month. It’s a fun little piece, lots of little details that make it a very characterful set to paint. I particularly like the map on the box and the individual bedrolls for the Warrior, Thief, Magic User and Cleric. PB301123PB301119

Finally, in case you think I’ve gone mad, I forgot to take photo’s when I was home last week, which is why I used the board from Terror in Meeple City as my backdrop this month!

Also dont forget to check out Finch and Antmaster’s versions?


And until next time, have fun gaming

The Duke


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