Helping Hand Challenge–Part 5

Ancient Wisdom lies in wait within the stacks of the old Library


This months Helping Hand Miniature is the Scribe. This is a great little model that is apparently based on Gary Gygax looking through his Dungeon Masters Guide.


Originally I was going to attempt to actually recreate a page from the DMG but as my freehand normally sucks and I didnt have the DMG to hand I went with this instead.


Overall I’m very happy with the mini, although I’m less happy with painting set up in the new flat (need to find a better light source to paint by). I wanted to keep his colours understated without being boring and I think it works.


The back pack was done with the same drybrushing and shading techniques I applied to the mule, which I think have come out quite well.


And obviously, don't forget to check out Antmaster and Finch’s  versions when they go up. November will be another catch up month so if anyone else wants to join in the challenge please post below. To “Catch Up” you must paint 2 miniatures a month for the next six months one of which must be the miniature for that month, for the schedule see the original Helping Hand Challenge post.

Until Next Time, have fun painting…


  1. Excellent stuff, I love the detail in the book, something to aspire to.

    I might well be late this month due to real life and only 1 figure painted so far in October...

    1. No Problems squire, just don't make a habit of it :P ;)

      Seriously though, hope all is well with you :)


  2. Outstanding Chris. Love how the eyes are looking to his right. Great freehand too.

    You and Ant Master have set the bar very high on this one.

    1. Thanks Finch. I find eyes particularly difficult. I'm planning on investing in new brushes because I just cant get in to do fine detail with the ones I have any more. Looking forward to seeing yours :)

  3. Perfect looking miniatures! You have a knack for good photos.

    1. You're very kind :)

      Half of what makes my photos pop is the sets. I like to build a small set for each shoot and throw in a few extra minis. This way I get some great depth of field. For example I really like the picture at the top of this post because it feels like the Scribe is in an actual real world setting.

      Before I upload the pics I usually tweak them digitally, only a little, usually I boost the saturation and drop the brightness and the contrast but its easy to play around until your happy.

      Thanks again for the compliments and I hope you keep checking back :)


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