Helping Hand Challenge–Part 4

“Shhh… I think I hear something…”


Better late than never I present the link boy. I based my version very much on my interpretation of Frodo Baggins, inspired by the waistcoat, curly hair and bare feet.


But I also wanted to channel some Aladdin, as I felt the like character was a bit of a street urchin. That lead to his skin colour, which is supposed to make him look a little under nourished. When placed next to the rather pink heroes he actually looks a bit ill!


I really liked the torch basket and the torch and I think both, although quite simple, have turned out rather well.


Ian Mountains work on the Henchmen line is superb and nowhere is that better illustrated than the faces of these minis. I’m very happy with how his face turned out (the lighting doesn't do my close up any favours) in particular I like the large front teeth with the gap in the middle.


If I had one criticism of the mini it would be his height. For a “boy” he’s very tall.

Next Month, the Scribe. But until then, why not check out Finch and Antmaster’s versions?



  1. Looks good, Chris. Like the first pic; dark and atmospheric.

    You're right about the height. More linkman than linkboy.

    1. Thanks Finch, wanted to play around with lighting effects for this one. Once I get out of temporary accommodation I can look at building a proper light box for photography! :)

  2. 2 out of 3 have the same hair colour, although mine was washed down from orange. I am enjoying this challenge and hopefully my next entry will improve.

    1. Thanks Antmaster, I'm really enjoying it too, we'll have to make it a regular thing! :)

      Mine actually started off very blonde and only got inked brown towards the end.


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