Helping Hand Challenge – Part 3

Preparing for the off, our mule handlers have finally tracked down the errant beast of burden and now the Heroes are ready to embark on their next adventure. P8301080

I wasn’t overly excited about painting the mule, after all, you can’t get that excited about grey-brown but in the end I was really happy with how he turned out. There is some really nice subtle detail on the model and it’s vastly superior to the original Otherworld Mule. P8301083

A couple of my favourite details on this model include the variety of gear on it’s back, the lantern and the shield came out really well in my opinion. I also really like the white patch on his nose, for some reason I feel it gives the model more character.


I didn’t really do anything new, technique wise, with this mini. Most of the gear was done by drybrushing and then tinting with washes, before adding a more definitive highlight. The woodgrain on the chest and the shield use the same techniques I used on the larger chest on the porter. The base was built up a little with slate and I added more foliage to give a lighter, more hopeful feel to the model.

The set for these shots, by the way, was particularly large, but I found it pretty difficult to fit the whole thing in!P8301082

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If you missed out on this challenge and want to join in, next month will be a catch up month. All you have to do is post below with a link to your blog (following all the rules for the challenge listed here) and paint the first four miniatures of the challenge by the end of September. That would be The Porter, Mule Handler, Mule and Linkboy. We’re having a great time with this challenge and I hope to see more of you join in the fun!

Until next time, have fun gaming.

The Duke


  1. Great job, Chris. The shield looks fantastic. The burgundy-colored wineskin next to it makes the green emblem really pop.


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