Helping Hand Challenge – Part 2

Where’s my Mule?


Our poor mule handlers have lost their charges and if they don’t find them before the Heroes sober up there’s going to be hell to pay!

Welcome back to part 2 of the helping hand challenge, this time focusing on the Mule Handlers. Strictly I only had to paint one for the challenge but while I was feeling motivated I thought I’d take on both.

Although they are both the same model with head and arm swaps, they feel totally different.


For the challenge mini I went with my tried and tested red formulae, coupled with browns and greens. (Again sorry for the poor lighting, but I think you can see what I was attempting here) For the additional mini I went with a very drab colour scheme, to go with the rather miserable face he’s pulling. I particularly like his mismatched hat and shoes and the gentle highlights on his smock work well.



However my favourite detail on this mini is the rat poking it’s head out of the straw bail.


Right that’s it for this month, next up Mules. Dont forget to check out the other two blogs for their takes on this mini.

Click on the images to view Finch and Antmaster’s work in all its glorious detail.


  1. Looks great, Chris. The red really suits this guy.

    1. Thanks Finch. Lots of variation in our painting styles this month I think.

  2. Excellent work Duke, I'll try to post a similar update showing version 1 and 2 compared.


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