Helping Hand Challenge – Part 1

“Last one out, shut the door”


So, the first part of the helping hand challenge is complete!

First up on the list of minis to paint was the porter.


I decided that the porter would have spent a lot of time outdoors, lugging heavy gear about the place, something about the miniature said Deckhand to me. So with that in mind I set about trying to create a darker skin tone to represent his sun browned flesh.


The end result was a little darker than planned but I’m still pretty happy with it. His clothing was kept deliberately muted, the only splash of colour was his blue grey booties.


I tried to make the scar on his face his most prominent feature, that and his hefty battleaxe attest that this guy is no stranger to combat and he probably earned far more than his share of that loot! 


I took a few photos during the painting of this for a tutorial on wood grain that I hope to upload soon (I just need a day off to do it!)


I apologise for the photos, they are a little over exposed as I had to shoot them at night just under a 60w overhead light which has left him a little over exposed, but I needed to prove I’d finished on time! Smile with tongue out

Overall I’m very happy with finished mini, the challenge really helped motivate me to get him done and I’m glad to see that the other blogs came through too!

Click on the images to view Finch and Antmaster’s work in all its glorious detail.


Next up… The Mule Handler


  1. Beautiful work! Very natural-looking!

  2. Looks great, Chris. I like the choice of skin-color a lot.

    The challenge is off to a fine start.

    1. I was a little worried about seeming politically incorrect, the white guys get to be heroes and the dark skinned guy carries their luggage! It's certainly not intentional!

  3. Very nice great idea with the bronzed flesh.


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