Workbench 05/05/14

Keep your eyes peeled next week for a much requested bone tutorial, but right now here is a workbench update with all my unfinished minis plus some exclusive paint jobs that have yet to pop up on other forums Open-mouthed smile 


So, here are some of my incomplete adventurers. The female fighter feels too bland to me right now but I don’t know how to spice her up. The colours in the pic are a little off, her shield is much darker than shown. The Elf Magic User is very pink. I decided to go for an outlandish colour scheme with her. Part of me thinks it works. I have decided she needs some serious freehand on her cloak to really make this a special miniature. The packbearer in the back of the shot is finished. He will represent the young Siegfried from the challenge series I was running on the OW forum. He doesn’t have his pack attached yet as I want to take photos of him without his gear first, but dont have the terrain I want to shoot him against yet!


And this is an experiment in trying to paint a matt white with very subtle shading. I’ve given up several times here. White is very had to do well and I get disheartened with my results.


And here we have a clue about what minis I might be using for the bone tutorial! I also have the base coated wizard and mule for the completed adventurers cart, you can see it in this shot here:


There is also the dwarf mercenary and owl extras from the OW Indiegogo campaign, my second unfinished OW giant crab and a miniature I plan to use for Belthir, one of the lieutenants in Descent 2nd Edition.

And now your exclusive sneak peaks. First up, my Giant Lizard.



This mini went through a lot of colours before arriving at this one. I was basing my scheme originally on a komodo dragon, which would have had a slightly darker tone than the one i ended up with, similar to the image below.


Either way I’m very happy with the results. I originally intended the pattern to be more splodgy but as I applied repeated coats the dots naturally became more defined.

And next up, proving that I can paint with something other than dots… my giant crab!


Wait a minute… This one is all dots too!

Really happy with this one, the only part I’m unsure of is the claws. I wanted to make them whiter than they are but each time I did the black was too contrasting so I washed them down and tried to add highlights again, leading to about 6 coats of paint! In the end I settled for what I had.


Let me know what you think the comments below. Thanks for looking.

The Duke


  1. The lizard and crab look outstanding. The dot technique suits both subjects perfectly.


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