Two More Supremes Join the Team

Last week I showed you all my PC minis to date. I have now finished the remaining 3 models from the original starter sets that dont have updated sculpts.

First up is Red Riding Hoodoo and Zombie Wolf



Zombie wolf took some work to make him paintable. The mini comes in two parts but they dont really fit together very well, leaving quite a big gap down the spine and belly that need filling and I sculpted additional fur into the gap to hide it. I also need to bend the legs a little to make them connect with the base a little better.




Because of that I wasn’t expecting to get a good end result with this mini but actually after only an hour of dry brushing and washing I was very happy with the results. The blood patches were done in a similar way to my zombies, painting in red, plus highlight, then washing with red and purple. Here I brushed on liquid water to make the wounds look wet. I could have achieved the same results with gloss varnish but I have run out!




Red Riding Hoodoo was a mini I remember as not being particularly well sculpted but when I came back to paint her I actually realised it’s a pretty good model. There are lots of nice details here, my favourite being the voodoo doll in her hand. Overall I think she came out great and I got to practise doing a darker skin tone.




Androida is my least favourite mini from the starters (I believe she was due for a resculpt but it hasnt happened yet) so the job I did was quick and dirty, just base, plus two highlights and a wash. The model was then glossed to give it a metallic shine.




And so that’s me done with PC until I get my KS models, which will probably be September. And if you want to get in on the Kickstarter, it ends this week!

Until next time, happy gaming,


The Duke


  1. Nice job on the three of them. I do like the look of Pulp City's miniatures but the super hero genre just doesn't grab me enough. There have been some fab looking figures in the KS September will be a happy month for those receiving there pledges.

    1. I get that, to each their own. For me Pulp City offers a very different play style to any of the other mini games I play and I love supers.

  2. Looking good, Chris. I especially like Red Riding Hoodoo. The darker skin-tone came out great.


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