Pulp City Supreme Edition

This month I’ve been taking a break from my usual fare and instead have been working on some minis I’ve had kicking around for a few years now…




Inspired by the current kick-starter from the guys over at Pulp Monster, I’ve broken out my old Pulp City minis. Pulp city is a range that has been expanding and improving over the years, some of the sculpts I own, like this one of Solar…




Have been replaced with better, more details sculpts and the work these guys are currently producing would rival many of the other major names in the industry. Just take a look at this green for the new Powerhouse Cro-Mag



I’m currently all in on the project, pledging at Collector level to get everything from the back catalogue as well as all the miniatures produced through the campaign. The guys over at PM are currently running a promotion which ends tonight, so if you are interested in backing the new edition of Pulp City, do it today! Click on the banner below to go to the Kickstarter home page.

Other than that I’m just going to leave you with some more shots of my recent paintwork. I hope you guys like it…





Gentleman with Sniper Rifle


Nuclear Jones


Iron Train




  1. Nicely done, Duke. Your style suits this genre.

    Trying to limit my crowdfunding activities this year although this is tempting.

    I'm currently backing CSM's TOH II. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/centerstageminis/tome-of-horrors-complete-ii-more-monsters-from-the?ref=live No point in denying it... I need some flumphs big time.

    1. Thanks Finch. Only Hellsmith, Twilight and Solar are new, the rest were done a few years ago. I would call this my "tabletop standard" it takes less time and these older minis arent as good as the new sculpts.

      I've finished Red Riding Hoodoo, Zombie Wolf, Androida which completes the minis I have that have not been resculpted.

      Now back to completing level 7!!!

  2. Really beautiful work on these minis. You really captured the glorious pulp feel with them.

    Great blog btw!!

    1. Thanks man. I just wish I could update it more often, real life just keeps getting in the way!


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