Desert Fiend

Just a show and tell post this week I’m afraid. This chap was completed for the monthly challenges over at Otherworld. He’s intended to be a Gorgon, he’s from Mierce Miniatures but I got him super cheap in Maelstroms going out of business sale.




Overall I’m pretty happy with him although I got a little bored towards the end and just wanted to get him finished.




His snake half turned out better than I had thought it would. Originally I was going to go for a Diamondback style pattern, this however looks better I think.




The Armour also turned out pretty well, using the matt base technique I’ve been working on to get crisper looking metallics.



The skin went through several coats before I was finally happy with it. What I’ve done here is base coat the skin, wash it with a dark colour, then build up three layers of highlights to an extremely pale colour. Then using a midtone I’ve washed the whole area to reduce the shadows and the highlights without losing the definition.

Well that’s about it, I’m too busy with work to post detailed paint guides but hopefully this might inspire some of you to break out your brushes. Next week I’ll try and post some shots of the minis from my completed Demi-Humans boxset.

Have fun gaming guys,

The Duke


  1. Cor thats a bit awesome looking no wonder you snapped it up! Great job Chris!

    1. Thanks man. Actually I had over £100 worth of minis (at 80% off) in my basket but as I was struggling to pay rent I thought better of it and just bought this guy.

  2. Looks good Chris. The green hair and snake-inspired eyes are nice touches.


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