Painting Red Robes

So, this week I thought I’d offer a quick formula for a good looking red. I have issues with Red and Blue, neither ever comes out as nicely as I’d like but these cultist models are the best reds I’ve done to date. The key really is layers so don’t worry too much about matching mine colour for colour.

I started with a base coat of Mechrite Red washed with Devlan Mud so I can more easily make out the details. P7260367Next I added a layer of Bright Red to the tops of all the folds. Note I’ll do the hood a slightly different shade so ignore that for now.  P7260368Next I added a layer of Khador Red BaseP7260369Mixing in some Khador Red Highlight I added another layer, defining the folds more clearly with each layer. P7260370Then a layer of just Khador Red Highlight.P7260371Finally a highlight of Orange, this time to just pick out the very edges of the folds.P7260372 The robes were then washed with a layer of Bloodletter Red Glaze. When this was dry Baal Red was added to the creases that needed to be darker as the glaze had over lightened them. The red hood was painted using browns mixed in with the reds, but it was finished in the same way with a glaze of red and then a red wash to deepen the creases. P7310379P7310380And that’s it, even with all the successive highlights these were still pretty quick miniatures to paint. The Red Glaze really helps bring the colour to life on these minis and I highly recommend it… Finally here is a shot of the four of them hanging out together!P7310374 Until next time, have fun n keep on gaming.

The Duke


  1. Hey there. It is often really useful to start large amounts of brown with a base coat of terracotta. It can prevent having to use quite so many coats of glaze, which can start to look a bit dirty.


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