Otherworld Competition

Only a short update this week to remind you all that the entries for the Otherworld competition are due by the 1st September and that’s really not far away at all! Full details of the competition can be found in this thread.

Okay then, you twisted my arm… here’s a little something I’ve been working on this month! P8200407


It’s my Otherworld Demon Idol. I was going for a close match to the Players Handbook image and I think it’s pretty good, it perhaps needs the yellows toning down to more of an orange colour. The whole thing took me a little over an hour, it’s all drybrushing and washes so for the time spent on it I’m very happy with the result. Here’s a quick side shot too to show the colour change from orange to grey. P8200408

I plan on adding the thieves to the piece with magnets so they can be added or removed as I decide. This month has been very productive so far, I’ve managed 2 Rust Monsters, 1 Fire Giant, 3 Kobolds and the Idol. I’m hoping to add the thieves and my remaining 2 men of evil to the list as henchmen for my Fire Giant. Let me know what you think, enter the competition and most of all, have fun gaming!