Workbench 16/7/12

Just a workbench update this week. Here’s what I’m working on over the next two weeks.

First up I’ve been powering through some scenic projects, I’ll post some pics of those next week. I’ve been working on some large tree bases like this one to add to my collection. P7160354 

But I’ve also bought some new plastic fences from Renedra, I’ve combined these with some GW hedges and made a set of modular barricades. Each set of fences are mounted on the same sized piece of foam core so that they can be placed next to each other to form different lengths of fencing/hedgerows. 


For my Otherworld Challenge mini I’ll be working on this guy, my giant slug. Big mini equals big plans, I expect this guy to take anywhere from 3 to 7 days to complete so I need to prioritise him really. P.s. I got this mini in the sale for £5, it’s huge, I couldn't even get it all in shot! Richard over at Otherworld is awesome!


For my Painted Dragon competition entry I’m working on the evil acolytes, (another free gift from Otherworld) As you can see I’m going for a red and gold motif with these guys.


And for the bonus point in our Otherworld challenge I’m repainting some old dwarves. Our heroes have entered dwarf country in the story as they head towards the mountains so there will be plenty of opportunities to paint our short friends here.


That's it for this week, tune in next week for some more show and tell.

The Duke