Keeping it Under Control

Like all of you I have a massive collection of miniatures, certainly one that is simply too large to be controlled by any means, but I also have a lot of beautifully finished minis that I want to protect that are currently gathering dust on shelves or worse tucked away in cardboard boxes where I forget about them!

So this week I’ve taken steps to at least contain my current Otherworld collection, biting the bullet and ordering my custom cut foam from Battlefoam UK. I’ve been using their cases for a while now and they’re really nice, but this is the first time I’ve designed custom cut trays.

In the end it worked out that I needed four trays, with a few spare slots and the occasional bit of spare space taken up with a small slot for dice etc.

The first tray is designed to hold all my slimes and dungeon vermin, although in hindsight I’d have probably done better using square holes rather than round ones.

Slimes and Oozes

The second tray is 1.5inch deep and is designed to hold my wolves standing up and other minis on 40mm bases, such as the hill giants lying down.

Layout Guide

The third tray is 2.5inches and will hold much bigger models like the Manticores that would simply be too difficult to fit in a tray lying down.

Layout Guide 2

The final tray will hold my three beholders, the massive Fire Giants, Frost Giants, Treant and other gargantuan beasties that a standard tray won’t hold and at 4” deep it’ll be able to hold them standing up!

Layout Guide 3

Now, this did come at quite a cost, £113 to be precise, which sounds like a lot but it will hold 120 models most of them above average size and when you break it down like that £1 per model to protect it from damage and dust as well as making it portable is actually quite a bargain…

Yes… I do have to look at it that way!!

I’ll let you guys know when it arrives if I’m still happy with my purchase!

Keep on gaming,

The Duke