Workbench Update 21/05/12

So, I’ve been massively busy at work and in my downtime I’ve been designing a new website for the UK Gaming Media Network. But I have managed a few bits.

Here are some Zombies and for those of you following along with the storyline on the Otherworld Forums, Bella, Valeria the Half Elf’s step sister.


Next up some pieces that I’ve started but not finished. The Goblin and Valeria were started for the March challenge but never finished. The Manticore was for last months Painted Dragon comp but never finished.


And here’s what I’m working on for this months challenge, these are the “attack dogs” of the Guardians of Ilma Knisja, my giant weasels.


The exact nature of the guardian will remain a secret for now but rest assured he’s done and he’s spoiling for a fight.

Oh and finally I snapped a pic of these bases which I’m painting for next months challenge minis (Boglings). They are currently sitting on my painting pallet, they’re not really close to finished yet though.


That’s it, I’m hoping to update a little more frequently if things can calm down a bit. Hope you like and if you do drop your two cents in the comments below!


The Duke


  1. Lots of goodness in progress Chris. Valeria looks especially nice. Can't wait to see your finished weasels.


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