Workbench Update 09/04/12

So, work and illness have plagued me this last few months but I figured I’d show you what little I managed to get done.

This is my Goblin Shaman which I painted for a competition (finished 2nd) He’s probably a little ostentatious but I like him and that’s what matters.




The skull base was part of an Army Painter basing kit my friend gave me at Christmas and I added green stuff mushrooms to really goblin it up. This guy was supposed to be one of 4 command minis I was painting up last month, but work just proved too much.

Then the flu hit and I’m still getting over that, but I have already managed one mini this month.


This is the first of my Otherworld Zombies, one of six I intend to paint this month, which will be joined by a further 9 zombies from Red Box Games.


And this is a special resin preview of the Otherworld Demon III that I was sent very kindly by Richard in apology for my late order. (this is why we love Otherworld’s customer service!!)


In addition to the resin demon Richard also sent me an Eye of the Deep, A Dwarf Zombie and the Evil Wizard, none of which I’d ordered!! Extra awesome.

But here’s a quick run down of what I actually ordered and what you may be seeing here in the coming months:

  • Demon Idol Diorama
  • Huge Spider III & IV
  • Wolf Rider Warband
  • Ogres I, II, III and Chieftain
  • Zombies II & III
  • Mummies
  • Wights
  • Slimes and Jellies I
  • Armoured Skeletons I & II
  • Giant Spider
  • Eye of Terror II
  • Oozes Slimes and Jellies II
  • Troglodytes II

I’m also hoping to paint up at least one of my 3 Manticores for this months painting comp over at the Painted Dragon. I just need to get rid of this damn flu first!!

Oh, I’m think of doing a zombie flesh and gore tutorial so comment and let me know if that will be useful based on the results above.


The Duke


  1. Zombie flesh and gore get my vote.

  2. Thanks Finch. I did one today with photos but I'm less happy with the flesh this time, it's too green so I'll have to give it another go.


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