Workbench 27/02/12

Ok, so with it being quite late at night I don't want to take pics of my freshly painted minis, I’ll do that in the day tomorrow. So instead I though I’d share with you guys the stuff on my workbench (or should that be workshelf?)


So, what are we looking at here?

Otherworld February Challenge Minis

The monthly challenge called for multi legged critters, I went with wolves intending to do 4 standard wolves and a dire wolf. The Dire Wolf has already been shown on the forums but here he is for you guys.

user posted image

I’m pretty happy with how he turned out but as you can tell, because they’re absent from the pic I’ve done two more since and how they turned out has changed everything… I may have to redo the other six I’ve already finished!!

Also, the bonus challenge for this month was to paint the peasant farmer Siegfried. I didn’t have a peasanty looking mini but I did think that Gildor would look the part even if he is a bit elf-like for a human.

Other Otherworld Stuff

Also in there you can see some part painted Otherworld minis that were started in earnest for other challenges but never finished. The Skeletons were for the Undead challenge, I managed 1, 3 only got primed black, 2 more got based ready to paint. As you can also see I primed a firenewt for the humanoid challenge but ended up painting Kobolds instead.

Painted Dragon Comp Mini

I’m not allows to share photos of the mini for this competition, but as I’ve decided I don’t have time to paint the second entry you can now all see how far I got with painting my second fire giant. He is basically base coated and drilled and pinned for his base. The bases are great, they are the new 60mm ancient bases from Micro Art.

Pulp City/Other Supers

You may remember that I was painting up minis for a hypothetical Avengers style rpg. In this pic you can see my version of Nick Fury and hidden behind the fire newt lying down is the Hulk.

Red Box

The Halfling from Red Box will be showing up in the storyline challenges from Otherworld later this year. 


The final mini is an Orc Pirate from HF which I primed about a year ago (you can probably see all the dust on his base) Orcs are one of the few ranges from Otherworld that I don’t like (Hobgoblins and Bugbears would be the others) so I’ll be building my orcs forces from other ranges like HF and LOTR.

And I’ll end with some recently completed mini pics for you guys…


Oh and the Commission finally went back last week…


… and it only took a whole year!!


  1. A lot of cool stuff Duke. Looking forward to seeing the completed fire giant. I forgot about those gorilla centurions... really stand out in a crowd.

  2. Man I love looking at pictures of Otherworld minis - they capture the Old School feel so perfectly. Those Frost Giants are wonderful, I like your layering style on them. Also, that Otyugh (sp?) really stands out in the bottom picture and would scare the (*(&^ out of me in a dungeon.

  3. Thanks guys... annoyingly that one was for the commission so I didn't get to keep it :'(
    @Finch Fire Giant will show up a few weeks if not days


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