How Not To Paint: Otherworld Eyes of Terror

So, last time I talked about how to use washes over a light base to create a nice blended finish. Much of what I said will be applicable to this paint job as we look at one of the most iconic not-D&D monsters out there… the Beholder.


I started with a black undercoat and then plastered the mini with a coat of Bleached Bone.


I washed the whole thing with Ogryn Flesh and then picked out the eyes in Iyanden Darksun.


Next I washed the inside of the mouth with repeated washes of Leviathan Purple and Baal Red until I was happy. Then I began the longest process of the entire model, the highlight stage. Each individual scale was highlighted around it’s edge using Bleached Bone, as was each eye stalk and all the suckers on the arms. This took me over an hour (actually it took over three weeks) but it is vital to making the wash stages work.


Next I mixed up some white and Scab Red and painted the tongue and gums, mixing up a lighter colour for the highlight. I then filled in the teeth with Desert Yellow, followed by Bleached Bone and then white. The whole thing was then washed with Baal Red before the teeth were picked out again in white. The eyes were highlighted with Golden Yellow, then Golden Yellow and White.


Next it was time to add Pupils. This was done using my pointed clay shaper. I simply added a dot of black to each eye, roughly the same size and position. Each eye was then washed with yellow ink before I added a dot of white highlight. I like to overlap the white and the black to give the illusion that the pupil is behind the lens.


Finally I used a wash of Baal Red to give the eyes some depth by applying around the lids.


Next I started work on the washes. I began by mixing up some Bleached bone and Gryphonne Sepia. I applied this around the mouth and eye and to the underside of the body.


I needed to work quickly at this stage to make the washes blend and to keep my mixes wet enough to work with. Next I mixed up some Gryphonne Sepia and Desert Yellow and worked outwards from where the bleached bone finished. I also applied this mix to the underneath of the eyestalks and to the tops of the arms where they meet the body.


Adding Bestial Brown to this mix I carried on around to the back of the mini where Brown Ink was added to the mix. The bestial brown mix was also applied to the tops of the eye stalks, the bottom of the body fronds and the bottom of the arms.


Finally, Brown Ink and Gryphonne sepia were added to the the very back and top of the model, the bottoms of the fronds and arms and the tops of the eyestalks. Then Gryphonne Sepia was washed over the lighter areas.


I finished off by highlighting the claws. Finally I took a pipette of realistic water put some on my palette. Using an old brush I applied this to eyes and mouth, allowing it to pool in the lower lip to look like drool.


And that’s how I painted my Eye of Terror. Come back next week when we’ll be taking a look at Otherworld’s Lizard King.