Hey Guys,

I just wanted to put out a post explaining why Unboxed and Duke of the Blood Keep have been stagnant for the last couple of months. Primarily the reason is work, I have a casual job which means I have to take the work when it’s available and I know that there is a long dry spell over Christmas so I’ve needed to work as much as possible the last two months. The upshot has been that I’ve had less than a handful of days off in the last two months.

However, it’s not just that. I’ve been feeling a little burnt out lately and both Unboxed and Duke of the Blood Keep have started to feel like work, rather than fun and both game playing and painting have started to be less enjoyable because of that.

All that said I plan to come back soon, I’ve started playing games again and painting again and work is beginning to lighten up as we wind down into December. So here’s a little taste of what is coming up:

Duke of the Blood Keep

In the next week or so I’ll finish my commission meaning that I’ll be able to get back to doing my How Not To Paint articles. The next one I have planned is a tutorial on creating convincing looking single colour minis using washes. I also have my Beholder primed and ready to paint and I have ton of other minis just waiting for the touch of my brush.


In the next couple of weeks I intended to return with some excellent reviews. I have Nightfall Martial Law and Thunderstone from AEG, two more LOTR LCG Scenario reviews from FFG, plus a couple more games from Right Games in Russia.

Unboxed will also see a return from regular contributors Board Game Guru and Boxed Up Fun.

Thanks for sticking with me guys, both sites are in need of some TLC and I hope to spend my downtime from work improving and updating both.

I’ll be back soon… I promise, until then, have fun gaming!