How Not To Paint–Otherworld Carcass Scavengers

Have you got your glue at the ready? Good then come with me as we tackle this 25 piece monster!

I started out as usual with a black primer. Then I used Knarloc Green and Desert Yellow to do the body. The maw was painted white. The flag stones were painted with Fenris Grey, Desert Yellow, Battlefield Earth and Greatcoat Grey.


Next I painted the underside body segments using Bleached Bone. I washed the top side with Green Ink and the mouth with Leviathan Purple. The flagstones were highlighted with Bleached Bone, Fortress Grey, Bestial Brown and a mix of Fenris Grey and White.


I added Scab Red to the eyes and highlighted the centre sections with Khador Red Highlight. The teeth were picked out with Desert Yellow.  The main body was highlighted using a mix of Golden Yellow and Dark Green. The Nodules on its back were painted with Battlefield Earth and highlighted with Bloodtracker Brown


I added more yellow to the mix and highlighted the body again, this time I was just aiming to hit the areas that would be hit by the light, this will help when I wash it later. I also added Bleached Bone to the teeth and washed the mouth with Baal Red. It was then time to attach all the limbs…


Some time later…


All of the limbs were attached using Gale Force 9 grey stuff and GF9 super glue. They were then primed black and then base coated using Knarloc Green. 


I highlighted the legs and tentacles using the same colours as the body. The legs were only highlighted along their straight edges. The tentacles were highlighted to about half way down.


Next I added some Yellow to the end of the tentacles and left them to dry. I mixed up some washes and washed the flagstones. I used Bleached Bone and Gryphonne Sepia, Fenris Grey, White and Asurmen Blue, Fortress Grey and Badab Black and finally Bestial Brown and Devlan Mud.


They were then washed with just the wash without the addition of the paint. If I wanted to darken the stones further and bring the colours closer together I might wash the whole base with Gryphonne Sepia too.


I washed the tentacles with Thrakka Green to bring the colours closer together. I added a dash of Baal Red to the eyes and I washed the underside of the model with a mix of Gryphonne Sepia and Desert Yellow.


Finally I washed everything, body, legs and tentacles with a layer of Green Ink. I highlighted the underneath and the tail spikes of the body using Bleached Bone and then, to give it all a slimy feel I added a layer of gloss varnish.


And the finished result…


And the second one I did. I positioned this one crawling down a wall to give it a more dynamic feel…


And the two of them hanging out together discussing how best to kill any intrepid heroes foolish enough to enter their lair.


Well, that’s for this week, come back soon for more…


  1. Love it!

    These things are ruddy fiffly at the best of times so massive props for painting the parts THEN gluing the next ones on!


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