How Not To Paint: Giant Leeches

I’m keeping it nice and simple this week. These disgusting little blood suckers will be at least part of my entry into this months Vermin-based Otherworld Painting Challenge.

I started by priming the mini in black and adding Scab Red and White mix to the mouth.


I then washed the mouth with Baal Red and then added the pink mix in again to the central sucker and the gumline.


Teeth were then added in Desert Yellow before the mouth was once again washed with a mix of Pink and Baal Red.


Next I mixed some black with Scab Red and then watered it down with Baal Red. This was applied to the whole model with the exception of the recesses.


Mixing in a bit more Scab Red I highlighted the top side of the model. I was aiming for it to look mostly black, but deep red where light would be hitting it.


Next I added Deep Red to the mix and did the same thing again.


I then highlighted the edges of each body segment using pure Deep Red


Adding Fortress Grey to the red mix I highlighted the edges of all the underneath body segments.


I added another wash of Baal Red to the mouth, then I picked out the teeth in Bleached Bone, followed by White.


Finally I mixed up a wash of 1/4 Black Ink and 3/4 Baal Red and washed the whole mini. When that was dry I added a coat of gloss varnish to make the whole thing look horribly slimy.

The stone work on the base was done using Battlefield Earth, followed by Bestial Brown, Greatcoat Grey followed by Fortress Grey, Desert Yellow followed by Bleached Bone and Stone Green followed by Stone Green and White.

And there you have it, a blood sucking beastie suitable for any dungeon adventure.


And let’s not forget the rest of the family.


That’s it for this week, who knows what I’ll have for you next time, but until then, have fun gaming!