An Overview of Painting Otherworld Ropers

Wait… What? Is this a How Not To Paint? Well, no. Basically when I painted my Roper I did take stage by stage pictures, but because most of the painting was wet blending it was hard to stop and take pics.

So, yes, while this post will be a step by step of what I did, the pictures will be few and there will be quite a few steps between them.

So I started out priming black as always. Next I used Khardic Flesh on the mouth and eye. Then working quickly I blended Battlefield Brown into Thornwood Green into Greatcoat Grey, working from bottom to top, I then repeated this down the tentacles, but ending with Battlefield Brown.


Next I washed some Devlan Mud into the fleshy parts to bring out the detail for me. I then used Bloodtracker Brown to highlight the Battlefield Brown, while the other two colours were highlighted using whiter versions of the base coat.


Next I picked out the eye and teeth using Moldy Ochre. I also mixed Moldy Orche into the Bloodtracker Brown and highlighted the edges of the brown stone. Mixing an even lighter shade of Thornwood and Greatcoat Grey I highlighted the edges of the upper sections too. I also added the texture to the ends of the tentacles where they join the main body using these highlight colours. These were done using my pointed clay shaper, which allowed me to make the dots bigger or smaller as I chose.


With the eye I started with a black pupil, which again I created with my clay shaper. Then using Chestnut Brown I added lines coming out from centre. Next I added more lines this time in white.


I washed this with yellow ink before shading the edges with Gryphonne Sepia. I wasn’t happy with the finish so I washed the eye with a mix of yellow ink and Moldy Ochre, redid the lines, washed it with more things, did more lines and honestly I can’t remember how I finally got the look I wanted.


To Finish the eye I added the pupil back in and added three dots of white using the clay shaper. I would also later varnish it to finish it off and give it a slimy look.


Next I washed the mouth and outer eye with Brown Ink. I then picked out all the flesh again using Khardic Flesh, followed by Kardic Flesh and white. The teeth we picked out using Moldy Ochre followed by Bleached Bone.


Breaking out the Clay Shaper again I added dots in Bloodtracker brown to the ends of the limbs, leaving only the final washes to do.

I washed the lower rock and ends of the tentacles using a mix of Gryphonne Sepia and Bloodtracker Brown. I then used Thornwood Green and Gryphonne Sepia to wash the lower grey green and then I mixed in some white and Greatcoat grey to do the upper areas. This wash was more “Rubbed on” than washed on as I was trying to soften the starkness of the low lights and highlights. The mix was constantly adjusted, adding more of the Thornwood wash to the Greatcoat wash and repeatedly rubbing this coats onto the model. It’s hard to describe, but I kept going until I was happy.

Finally I added some Khardic Flesh to Baal Red and washed all the flesh followed with touch of Baal Red wash to the inside of the lip and into the creases in the flesh around the eye.


To base the model first I used Gale Force 9 Earth, then I got a small pot and mixed a few varieties of small stones from different companies, dabbed super glue into various spots on the base (because it holds stones better than wood glue) tipped these over the base and then shook off the excess. I add three tufts of grass from Noch Scenics and he was done.

I would later add a drop of gloss varnish to the eye and the flesh around it and the flesh of the lower lip, which isn’t shown in the pictures…


And so that’s it. Hope you liked.

Next Week: Something Else


  1. The eye is just amazing!

    I'm not the handy sort of gamer, so I can't really use your instructions, but I think I'll follow just to appreciate your art.

    Uri K.


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