Lord of the Rings: Elves

So, I have over a thousand Lord of the Rings models, a lot of which are less than fantastic plastics and nearly all of which are painted to my old old standard, which is not too great… see…



(P.s. This was probably only painted 6 years ago)

I dont want to get rid of the old LOTR minis because they are an ideal scale for use with Otherworld and Hasslefree, but I also dont want to use them in their current state, so that means they need to be repainted.

Quite frankly, my current painting speed is about 2 hours per model and a lot of the plastics aren’t detailed enough for me to spend that long on them. In fact, with over a thousand minis, maybe closer to two thousand, it would take me decades to paint them all and that’s not a commitment I’m willing to make.

So instead I’m batch painting them. Five at a time I intend to bring all the plastics up to a good table top standard and I’ll paint heroes to my usual standard.

So, these Elves took me around 30-45 mins each (it’s hard to say because I started painting 20 at a time before I realised that was ridiculous.)


And here is a close up of one.


The intention really is to create a scheme that looks pretty good from a distance so that I don't need to paint super super detailed (which most of the plastics don't reward anyway.) Although these five turned out ok next time I will use a darker wash on the flesh and armour to give a better definition.

Five down, many hundreds to go!

Next Week: An Overview of Painting Otherworld Ropers