April Painting Challenge Plus Wargames Objective Marker Part 2

So this months challenge over on the Otherworld forum was “A Bad Day To Be a Guard” in which we had to paint low level humanoids. I just managed to get mine done with a day or two to spare, bad form really considering I run the challenge!

Here they are:



Two of John Pickford’s best Kobold minis. And here’s their bad day:


Grimdalf and a horde of Angry Dwarves retake their mountain home.

Also, I got this guy finished off a while ago…




This objective marker took me about a week as I only painted a few bits  at a time and only after after completing commission minis. I wasn’t aiming to paint it to my usual standard because it’s just an objective marker, but I think it’s turned out rather nicely despite that.

The Paymaster and chest are both removeable meaning that you can use the cart for other items than the chest, as well as opening up rules possibilities for the chest, cart and paymaster as a whole or separately.

I’m really enjoying repainting old minis and using them for Objective Markers, as I paint each one new ideas and stories flow into my head about how to use them. I’ve still got a huge box of old Warhammer stuff, plus some brand new trees so keep checking back for more from my Big Box of Stuff!

Next Week: How Not To Paint – Otherworld Leprechauns.