March Painting Challenge

So, March has been and gone and my posts have remained fairly irregular. This is not going to get any better I’m afraid as my job is now in a weird state of flux, which wont resolve any time soon. Add to that the commission and the commitments that come with running my other blog and you begin to see why things are a little wonky around here lately.

Anyway, firstly I thought I’d share my entry for the Otherworld Monthly Painting Challenge. This months challenge was to paint a model produced in the year 2010. I gladly did so with this fellow…


This Satyr was sculpted by the talented Matt Bickley and was his debut mini for Otherworld, but the model didn’t release for, maybe over a year. Personally I love it, although it got a lot of hate on the forum. I also really like how it turned out in the end, with the gold being some of my best to date.

Next I wanted to share some of my other projects. I took this photo last night as I was working… I literally couldn’t get into bed because of my gaming addiction!


You probably can’t see everything that is going on here, but I’ll point some bits out.


Lined up along the edge of the table you can see the next eight mini’s I’ll be working on for the commission. In the middle of the table you can probably see a dwarf objective marker (or Anvil of Doom) which will be built into some new scenery bits I’m making. In the corner of the shot you can also see the forge that goes with it.


Here, in a very fuzzy picture, you can see the completed, or nearly completed, base for my next OW Challenge mini… guys, go ahead, guess what it is… you’ll never ever guess… well maybe Cthulhu will!


Over on the bed you can see a 5th Edition Warhammer box, this is full of old minis I’ll probably never use. I have an even bigger box in the loft filled with even more. Over on the left of the shot you can see some more objective markers I’m working on. The first is the Dogs of War Paymaster. Behind that is the base for the Anvil. The paymaster is pinned so can be removed from the piece for a more generic look, and the chest can be removed and other items substituted in place. The Anvil and the Forge have also been drilled so that they can be slotted onto the pins in the base, or left off.

Also on the same piece of foam core you can probably not make out an old Ghost, this will make a nice undead objective marker or just some nice undead themed scenery.

Basically, I’m going through my collection and seeing what I can make use of, the rest will end up on ebay! However, after 4 hours I had to stop, I’m not sure if I really got anywhere, but my back was killing me.

Until next week, have fun gaming and don’t let your gaming habit get this bad!